Hey, Guess What Day It Is.

Come on, take a guess! If you don’t know what today is just ask Julie, Mike, and Leslie because they all know that it is… HUMP DAAAY! Although it is not what most people probably thinks it is when they hear the words, I can’t believe It just came out of my mouth. I know for a fact that I didn’t know the story or the definition behind it, even when my instructor Mr. Byars has said it every “hump day”.maxresdefault

Hump day meaning is simply the middle of the workweek, so everybody who was far from this definition needs to come back and out of the gutter, GEEZE LA WEEZE. I guess it’s something to be excited for, who knows.

Enough about today’s theme, there was work that still made it’s way in. A book named HTML and CSS eighth edition is obviously a mixture of HTML and CSS.ShowCover.aspx

Yes there is work to be done from this book. What work? I am not quite sure, because as I am reading all I am learning is about the basic HTML page, the top and head of a webpage, the body of a webpage: your content, elements, attributes, and other stuff that we’ve already learned. But I will be reading more of it to learn more and actually do some exercises and activities with it.


Track Meet Monday 08/19/2013

This day, I basically was running around in ovals, going  back and forth like a headless chicken in a race. Assignments must get done, yes I know that’s the key, but energy is the tool. It’s good to help out others and such but preparation should be first, which is something I didn’t have. Therefore, in order to get the jobs done and done right, I had to keep going back to my resources to get the project information included until everything was set in place.

On the other hand, I was somewhat stuck and so I asked one of my fellow classmates to help me finish. We got together and divided the roles equally, it worked out well because the flyer was finally done and done just right.

Believe it or not there was also a lesson learned in this whole situation. It was the fact that you don’t want to be worked TOO hard, then the important thing is to be ready and prepared with all of the resources and equipment that is needed to be included. It would shed a lot of wasted energy.

Mission Accomplished 08/09/2013

Friday being Friday, we finished everything that was meant to be done such as Phi Theta Kappa flyer, Cystic Fibrosis copies, and our class Newsletter project. Even though we didn’t get to meet our editing deadline for our Newsletter, we were still able to be done on a decent time frame. Our instructor was lenient enough to give us more time since we were piled with campus work.

Besides all of that it has been  a pretty busy week.

The Very Important Day! 08/08/2013

So today was thee most important day of everybody’s life, My Birthday! Not only this day did we do mostly campus work but we also did our class work, which was our Newsletter for Keiser University. We were having our difficulties and dealing with difficult people but we managed to work with everything that was thrown at us no matter what it took in order to finish our work and accomplish our goals. Of course work comes before privilege and such but we worked so hard on many things in one week that we deserved to mix our work with a little celebration of my birthday. Who wouldn’t involve my birthday, when it is thee best awesomest day existed?


On that note, the day was the day of a semi relaxing day, we wasn’t done with the work we started on but we got pretty far in everything. The feeling of success feels great, especially when you are the person whose experiencing it.

Anyhow, the Keiser University Newsletter is now ready to spread its’ wings!

Class to The Rescue 8/02/2013

In the beginning of class me and my classmates had to rescue Mr. Frantic Byars with his presentation for the administrators. The point was to put together binder handouts that contained a newsletter, and two examples of class syllabus. After we managed to simply put everything together as a piece of cake, we had to go back to our own projects of our prototype webpages. Today was a somewhat good and relaxing day, it wasn’t so strict and stressing as usual.

Also, there were critiques for our webpages, since today is the final day to turn them in. With that said, they were critiqued, corrected, and polished. EASY PEASY! Somewhat, lol.

Here is a corrected copy of my webpage, it might get corrected again for better and the best improvement. 

Screen shot 2013-08-02 at 11.30.54 AM

Get Ready for them Clients 7/31/2013

Today was pretty fun as we experienced what it would be like to have clients and deadlines. We were given project assignments such as making six flyers for six events in 1hr. 2min. and 30sec. The events were Phi Theta Kappa, Constitution Week, Ice Cream Social, Mandatory Graduation Seminar, Summer Break, and Leadership Distinction Program, our goal was to do something quick and neat before our deadline. At first it wasn’t really something I wanted to do because I already predicted the results on my behave. But after everything was done , I realized how it was a very good exercise/practice because it taught me how to get something done quickly and neatly in such a little time. It also taught me a list of improvements that I need to accomplish, such as: working on my speed, keeping everything simple, most importantly, go fish for that deadline and hurry up and reel it in.

Overall me and my fellow classmates did well with the flyers because the clients loved them (no exaggeration needed), and we also handled the corrections and critiques pretty well, because hey, that’s what graphic designers are supposed to do. They are trained to handle it.

With that said, we managed to complete the assignments to our clients wants, needs, and desires!

Thursday 7/25/2013

Well unfortunately I do believe this was  supposedly a review/ relaxing day. We were to review for our final exam for the next day and of course to get ready for our potluck mmm yum yum! So that was that and this was this! XD


Of course it wasn’t all about food because we also had business to attend to as well, so we did the work and began to grub. We took our final exam to our best of our ability to get decent or good grades and then we got our food dishes prepared and ready to serve. What was brought to the potluck was: meatballs, garlic bread, 6 cheese macaroni, potato salad, dry ribs, and red velvet and chips ahoy cookies on the side with drinks as well. MMMM MMM MM!

Final Day Wednesday

Today was the day of our website finales. Our project were supposed to be handed in for functionality checks, but I had to polish mine just a little bit more, so unfortunately I didn’t make the deadline. Hence forth, I honestly don’t have much to say for this day so there you have it. 🙂

Tuesday’s Creation

Okay, I have to admit and give props to my instructor, for simply being right. It’s the fact that I did not want to do the textbook exercises but he instructed us to do so before we began dreamweaver. I honestly was just going to skip a lot in the textbook but I decided to do the exercises anyways because I was thinking ehh, maybe something good will come out of it. And well I’ve learned that the textbook was very much helpful and very handy for my slow brain. So I guess he did a good job at telling us what to do because it has been paying off lately. 🙂

With the knowledge and practices from the book, I managed to have a pretty good understanding about creating web pages and websites to the best I can. When I started to actually create my website, there were honestly still some things that I was thinking “this wasn’t in the book”. Except for it really was when I went back to my resources.

Aside from my discoveries, I will also admit that so far it is pretty fun making a website of my own with my own things being placed within. Except for the fact that the program (Dreamweaver) is sometimes shapoopey. Anyhow, I managed to get some pages created, although they are under construction you could still take a look…

Contact Page

Contact Page

Photo Page

Photo Page

Video Page

Video Page

Index:Home Page

Home Page